SageWoman #30 (reprint)
Living on Earth


SageWoman #30 - Living on Earth

SageWoman approaches the issue of earth spirituality with her usual warm and personal way. We begin with Kat Stone's lyrical meditation on her relationship with her environment in "Land and the Goddess." Next comes a triptych of eco-pagan activism articles, "Our Planet, Our Selves" and "Thieves of Roads" by Peggy Sue McRae and "A vision of Oregon Farm Permaculture" by Gwendolyn Endicott. Then we get even deeper (and more earthy) in Cynthia Fawley's "Lessons from a Traveling Texas Tarantula" and Barbara Wilder's meditation on the connection we make to our ancient ancestors in "The Beat of Aeonian Drums." Sue Westwind muses on what we can learn by listening to the countryside in "The Land as School" and we end our theme with Beryl Baigent's poetic invocation "The Council of All Beings."

Other offerings include Waverly Fitzgerald on "The School of the Seasons: Summer", Lori Fox-Rigney's "The Goddess of the Cave" and Elizabeth Barrette writing on hints for Pagan Creative Gardening. Columnists include Diana Paxson, with her lore-deep invocation of the African creation orisha/goddess Nana, DeAnna Alba and Jan Williams writing on how to bring earth spirituality into our everyday practice, Crone meditations by Maria Starfire, Lunaea Weatherstone on "A preparedness kit for life", and Barbara Ardinger's "Earth Ritual for Writers and Other Scholars." Plus gardening rituals, a spell for passing exams, invocations for abundance, a double handful of reviews (including an overview of washable menstrual pads) and a riveting round-robin discussion among our readers in The Rattle.

80 paged, published in summer of 1995.

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