SageWoman #32 (reprint)
Dreams and Visions


SageWoman #32 - Dreams and Visions

Wishing upon a Star? Reaching for something more than you have? Then join SageWoman's writers and artists as they share their experiences of looking beyond the present.

Begin with Cyndeth Allison's charming fairy tale "Lucy's Star" -- and the true story behind it, in which the Goddess comes to comfort (and empower) the author to break out of an abusive relationship. Then find an interview with womanspirit legend and songstress Lisa Thiel, who describes her vision of Goddess spirituality and how she brings that vision to her music. Next is Nancy Thompson's "In and Out of Time" in which a chance wilderness encounter in an alpine meadow brings with it an unexpected lesson.

Deborah Koff-Chapin then shares her technique of touch drawing (complete with how-to photos) and explains how it unlocks (and heals) the artist inside each of us. Barbara Ardinger is next, sharing "Seasons of Light and Darkness: Entering Winter's Dark Season" followed by Diana Paxson's in-depth article on Norse Seidhr and divination "The Oracle." (If you are interested in Indo-European divination and oracular lore, this article is a must!)

"Why didn't my magick work?" asks columnist DeAnna Alba, who has a set of surprising answers; Jan Williams shares bread-making tips in "Demeter's Blessing". Ann Kreilcamp digs deep in her examination of what it means to truly feel our conflicts with one another -- something necessary for healing them, and don't miss Carol Christ's rousing defense of Goddess spirituality in "Why We Need the Goddess."

This issue also includes the first installment of Elizabeth Barrette's column for Goddess-beginners, "Into the Green: Where to Begin", rituals for Winter Solstice, Honoring the Crone, and New Year's reflections, a rousing Rattle, and recommendations for books and Goddess gifts for Solstice giving.

80 illustrated pages, edited and published by Anne Newkirk Niven in Winter of 1995.

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