SageWoman #26 (rare)
Sacred Play


SageWoman #26 - Sacred Play

This, our summer issue of 1994, is one of the most light-hearted and uplifting SageWoman has produced. Beginning with Sudie Rakusin's joyful Amazon painting "Beltane", through to Kathryn Hind's poetic paen "To Bast" this issue celebrates the playfulness of the Goddess.

Includes Elizabeth Barrette's ode to Dandelions, (including a Dandelion ritual and recipe for Dandelion wine), "Barefoot Group Play with Tarot," Diane Darling's "Loving Woman, Loving Goddesses" (startling and beautiful account of how she came to love women as well as men), "Between the Worlds: Drugs and Spirituality", "Tattoo: Body Art as Sacred Symbol", and Diana Paxson's magnificent and in-depth article on the Orisha of Joy "Oshun, Lady of Love and Laughter."

Don't miss De-Anna Alba's hilarious description of "Wombat Wicca," a Crone Ritual, and Lunaea Weatherstone's light-hearted invocation of the fun of shopping "A few of our favorite things." Plus reviews, short rituals (for rain and for safe travel) and much more. This issue is unusual for SageWoman in that it reaches out into more challenging territory -- there's almost a "newWitch" flavor to this unique issue.

80 illustrated pages, edited and published by Anne Newkirk Niven.

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