SageWoman #68


SageWoman #68 - Gratitude
"To be grateful is to admit that we cannot earn our lives, but only receive them as gifts from a mysterious, even unknowable Source. Gratitude takes us out of ego, out of striving, and most especially, out of despair into a place of wonder, joy, and awe." (SageWoman editor Anne Newkirk Niven, from the editorial).

The many faces of gratitude are the focus of this issue, filled with stories of the often-unexpected experience of grace and joy in everyday life. We begin with Edie Dillon's "Giving Back" (a tale of a near-tragic encounter between a child and the Sea); followed by the communion between a mother undergoing treatment for lung cancer and her daughter in Leanne Schmidt's "Blessings Given." An enchanting encounter between lapin and human fills the tale of an unlikely avatar in Heather Leah Maree's "Lessons from Kali." (Don't miss the touching artwork by Sudie Rakusin that accompanies this story!)

In a much more feisty tone, Smoky Trudeau's "Croning Glory: My Passage through the Magic of Menopause," and Lauren Sinnot's "Gratitude in the Land of Milk and Honey" describe how we woman revel in our most intimate relationships between ourselves, our bodies, and the land. Christine Thomas shares how the Goddess changed her life in "Brigit's Cauldron: Full of Blessings."

Our regular columnists add to the bounty as well in this issue. Loremistress Diana Paxson illuminates the mysteries of the Norse Goddess Sif, who is most well known as the Goddess of Compassion who understands human suffering, loss, and recovery.

Susun Weed teaches us the herbal magic of the Rose family; Lunaea Weatherstone shares the power of affirmations; Ann Kreilkamp teaches the astrology of gratitude (with an emphasis on Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn returns;) while Stephanie Rose Bird illuminates the womanly art of keeping (and revealing) secrets.

Waverly Fitzgerald muses upon the quest for quiet and solitude during the busy holiday season of Winter Solstice; Christina Eisenberg on how loving a place can bring us healing; Anne Markel writes on the practice of welcoming the creative power of the Muse; Loba thanks Spirit for the many gifts in her life; and Valzora Spriggs celebrates that most personal and womanly gift: the vulva.

Plus: rituals for a Gaian thanksgiving; poetry; amazing women's artwork; reviews of important books in feminist and goddess spirituality; and Rattle letters from our readers. 96 pages, originally published in Winter of 1995.

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