SageWoman #67
Finding Our Treasure


SageWoman #67 - Finding Our Treasure

Self-discovery is the theme of this issue. Articles like "The Geode" and "Project Goddess" express the excitement of discovering that we are more than what we believed, while "The Play's the Thing" and "The Treasure Box" help us to stretch beyond our previous boundaries. Lupa Virida's "Riding the Red Tide" is a moving exploration of an underappreciated women's asset: our menstrual cycles, and Jennifer Hudson continues in this vein by singing the praises of our clitoris in "Discovering Our Inner Treasure."

Linda Missouri's luminous "Walking the Spiral Path" explores the magical practice of labyrinth-walking, and Diana Paxson leads us into the underworld with "Into the Dark with Inanna."

Columns include Susun Weed's discussion of the mallow family of plants, Lunaea Weatherstone's how-to description of making a life map, Loba's ode to "morning time" and a set of rituals for honoring the hearth goddess, creating a Goddess moon rosary, and invoking Queen Maeve.

96 illustrated pages, published in Summer 2005.

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Available in either classic-paper or digital editions.

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