SageWoman #61


SageWoman #69 - Sisterhood
In a sense, all of SageWoman is about sisterhood, about finding our place in the community of women. But in this issue, we take a special look at how we as women relate to each other. We begin with Loba's "Sister Tribe" in which the she shares how connecting with Mother Earth helps her connect with her sisters. Next is Pythia Peay's "Soul Sisters: Tending to the Needs of Our Spirits," not one, but two articles on finding the Goddess at women's gatherings, and an article on overcoming racism in the Goddess community. In "A Conversation with Jade" Sudie Rakusin interviews Goddess movement leader and founding member of the Reformed Congregation of the Goddess, Jade. Finally, Diana Paxson introduces three really weird sisters, the Norns, in her column on Goddess lore. Plus body-care recipes, Susun Weed's adventures in Provence, rituals for building sisterhood, Carol Christ on Rachel Carsen, spring cleaning rituals from Stephanie Rose Bird, and much more. Published in the spring of 2003, Anne Newkirk Niven, editor. 96 illustrated pages.

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