SageWoman #58 (rare)


SageWoman #58 - Sexuality
Sexuality is the purest, most intense expression of our essential flame — a paradoxical example of both our desire to reach beyond ourselves to transcendence, and of our embodied, grounded state of being. No wonder that it's such a controversial topic!

In this luscious issue of SageWoman, we celebrate the multi-faceted ways in which we Goddess woman experience our sexuality. From an artist who specializes in sewing purses shaped like our yoni to the blissful sensuality of a perfectly-made cake, there's no telling where our writers will take us next!

Perhaps the best place to begin in describing this issue is with Diana Paxson's lore-filled paen to the Norse goddess of love, "Freyja, Lady of Love and Life." This golden goddess, who blesses the cold fields of the North inspires and embodies passion, but is also the mistress of wealth and independence. Ms. Paxson describes the complex myths and lore of this sexually-liberated Lady, and brings Freya alive through meditations, magical tips, and a full ritual (suitable for group or solitary use.) There's more to this Lady of Love than meets the eye!

Our other feature articles for this issue cover a complete gambit: from the musings of a late-in-life initiation into the mysteries of Aphrodite by a woman recovering from sexual abuse to the surprising epiphanies experienced by a Wiccan exotic dancer. In-between, there are stories of bringing the energy of sex into ritual (not the way you think!); the ecstatic and mystic union of the self with the Goddess; the unexpected pleasures of abstaining from sex; the deep transformation of Goddess religion as embodied spirituality; and rosewater as an ingredient in sensual cooking (complete with a wonderful recipe!).

Speaking of recipes, there's great summertime goddess salad recipes in "the Enchanted Kitchen," Susun Weed shares a recipe for Elderflower Champagne from New Zealand; Joanna Powell Colbert celebrates the sensual magick of summertime, and Waverly Fitzgerald teaches us about the Hot, Hot, Dog Days of Summer (complete with their traditional ritual holidays.) Plus a meditation for recovering from sexual abuse, sensual Quarter Calls and Circle Castings; a full complement of Rattle letters from readers and much more.

96 pages, published in the Summer of 2004.

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