SageWoman #49 (original)


SageWoman #49

This, the spring issue of 2000 (following the sigh of relief when the Millennium bug turned out to be a bust, and preceding the catastrophic change of 911) is a playful, upbeat reflection on the nature of plenty. The issue begins with an editorial by Anne Newkirk Niven on the confusion that erupts when class consciousness no longer is a perfect matrix by which to view reality, and reflecting on the strengthening nature of gratitude.

This hopeful attitude is indicative of the optimism of this entire issue; pessimists won't find much to enjoy here! There aren't any "get rich quick" formulas (most of the writers were, and remain, less-than-affluent but rich in life) here, but there are plenty of ideas, rituals, and suggestions for creating (or recognizing) abundance in our lives.

We begin with Kanta Bosniak's story of a true abundance spell miracle in "Reading the Grinds: Magic in Coffee and Black Leather" and Catherine Clare's reflections on being comfortable with asking for the Goddess for help in "The Lady of the Lake." Linda Marshall describes her need for an abundance of animals in her life in "Mother of Animals" while Denise Dumars (author of several books including "Be Blessed") describes how she found the White Lady Habondia, goddess of abundance ó and, surprisingly, death! Next is the modern fairy tale (and true story!) "The Red Dress" by Lynn Marie Helvey and Leah Samulís unfolding the mysteries of "Tarot and Abundance."

Legendary loremistess Diana Paxson reveals the myth, mystery, and rituals of the Hindu goddess of luck in "Lakshmi: Lady of Fortune" which includes descriptions for a Laksmi Puju, a ritual for abundance and prosperity. Plus Golden Potato Curry (a recipe for abundance!) Susun Weed, Lunaea Weatherstone on the Two's in Tarot, Ann Kreilkamp on the benevolence of the Goddess in times of extreme want, thealogian Carol Christ on the complexities of abundance in the First World, Elizabeth Barrette on selecting altar tools and other magical "goodies," Joanna Powell Colbert on finding our path when we don't live in the land of our (genetic) ancestors, Waverly Fitzgerald's "Time to Celebrate" focusing on festivals of Springtime, and a double-handful of prosperity rituals and spells in "A Circle is Cast." Plus (as always) book and product reviews, and the robust give-and-take of our readers feedback column, The Rattle.

If you are looking to achieve (or reinforce, or celebrate) abundance, this special issue is just for you. 96 pages, edited by Anne Newkirk Niven in the Spring 2000.

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