SageWoman #46 (reprint)
The Muse


SageWoman #46 - Welcoming the Muse

Creativity is a gift, a desire, a vocation and a true indicator of our connection to the Goddess, and in this issue of SageWoman we explore how to awaken, nurture, and appreciate our artistic spirits. In my editorial for this issue I write, "It is vital that we realize that feeding our own spirit is not disconnected from the rest of our lives: in fact, it is in honoring the Muse that we learn how to connect the Goddess with our entire beings, whether seemingly mundane, or soaringly sacred."

We begin this issue by welcoming the Vedic Hindu goddess of creativity Saraswati, in Suzin Green's article "Saraswati: Flowing River of Creativity, Inspiration and Joy." Next, we visit the nine Greek muses in Freya Anderson's joyful "The Oldest Coven" in which she explains how inviting a single muse may well invoke Them all. Kanta Bosniak describes her artistic journey (with some lovely photos of her multi-media Goddess installations) in "Pleasure, Pain, and Chaka Kahn," while potter Rheya Polo explores how working with clay has transformed her life in "Spinning from the Center." The joy of writing is expressed by Marilyn Day in "Women with Wings" and Wendy Hunter Roberts gets right into the nitty gritty of Goddess spirituality in "Creating Ritual: a Guide to Design."

The featured Goddess in this issue is Brigid, Celtic lady of artistic inspiration, whom Diana Paxson describes this way, "The Goddess of the hand as well as the heart." Her article "Brigid: Inspiration Upwelling" includes Brigid's lore, musings on the artistic process (Diana is a prolific writer, primarily of fiction including many in the "Avalon" series begun by Marion Zimmer Bradley) and a fully envisioned and laid-out ritual to connect with the Lady of Fire.

Columns this issue include the very first installment of Susun Weed's continuing series "Sacred Herbs: Gifts from the Land," Lunaea Weatherstone debating MaryScarlett about magical ethics, thealogian, author and Goddess philosopher Carol Christ's musings on the writing process and Waverly Fitzgerald on Summer Solstice and Lammas celebrations. Plus a ritual for Mnemosyne, a ritual for invoking the Nine Muses, a Midsummer Solstice ritual, a rousing Rattle letter section and last but not least, Cait Johnson's charming short essay "On the Care and Feeding of Your Muse."

If you need inspiration for your Muse, or just companionship along the path to finding Her, this issue of SageWoman should provide both a goad get moving, sister! and a sympathetic guide.

96 illustrated pages, edited by Anne Newkirk Niven and published in the summer of 1999.

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