SageWoman #41 (reprint)
Plant Magick


SageWoman #41 - Plant Magick

This is a green, green issue of SageWoman: dedicated to all the plant-lovers out there who enjoy the bounty of the green world spread before us like a banquet without a sign of greed or pride. Plants are our greatest friends, our elders, our healers, and our ultimate destiny. Life on earth (as we know it) would be utterly impossible without them. So let's find out more about the magic of these wonderful companions, shall we?

We begin with Suzin Green’s startling lessons from a houseplant in "Kali and the Hibiscus: The Dark Goddess in the Pruning Shears." Next up is Suzan Stone Sierralupe’s description of her magical herbal practice in “Path of the Green Witch” and Ashley Kaurfman describing the wonderful gift of a plant which could survive anything in "Ivy’s Child.”

Another Ivy — this one a lovely lady named Ivy Moonflower — contributes her experience with the woman’s ruling plant extraordinaire in “A Pinch of Rosemary.” (Complete with recipes for baths, scrubs, and even rosemary shortbread!) Gardener, writer and SageWoman columnist Elizabeth Barrette gives us a complete lesson in how to create magical mini-gardens in "Emerald Islands: The Magic of Small Gardens."

Like your plants wild instead of tame? Then you'll love Blanche Cybele Derby’s adventures in wildcrafting “Cattail Tales.” Finally, there's a nosegay of mini-articles from contributor’s describing their experiences with lavender, chamomile, chickweed, and basil in "Plant Memories: Tales from the Green World.”

As behooves a spring issue, Diana Paxson’s column "One of Ten Thousand" highlights the legend and lore of Ostara, the Anglo-Saxon goddess of spring who gave her name (and attributes like bunnies and eggs) to the festival of Easter. A Christian holiday solely determined by lunar and solar cycles, discover how many of our modern practices of this springtime holiday come from Goddess roots and create your own Ostara celebration!

The green magic of this issue doesn't end there: Jan Williams describes her experience with handcrafting herbal tinctures, Lunaea Weatherstone encourages us to discover spring rituals and blossoms, Ann Kreilkamp salutes roses, Joanna Powell Colbert teaches us how to discover the divinatory meanings of plants, and Waverly Fitzgerald explores the wide variety and amazing diversity of spring festivals around the world including magical eggs, Passover, Green Thursday, Beltane and much more.

In “A Circle is Cast” we have a potpourri of ritual and magic including seed and garden blessings, the magic of tea, healing with wild herbs and a spring cleaning (banishing) ritual. And don't forget pages of priceless reviews, the Rattle (our reader's feedback column) and lots of other miscellaneous goodies!

96 illustrated pages of green goddess wisdom, edited and published by Anne Newkirk Niven in the spring of 1998.

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