SageWoman #40 (reprint)
Angels & Guardians


SageWoman #40 - Angels & Guardians

Discover the beings (animal, celestial, human) who watch over our lives in this best-selling issue of SageWoman.

Stretching from "Pagan Angels: Spirits of the Land" to "He Who Sleeps Behind the Door" (an evocation of Snake Guardians), this issue demonstrates that guardians and allies are all around us -- if we just have eyes to see.

Diana Paxson shows us the Celtic Goddess Brigid in Her aspect as Protector, Lunaea Weatherstone teaches us to make milagros, and Waverly Fitzgerald exhorts us to take "time out of time" at the Winter Solstice.

Rituals include a Solstice Tree Ceremony, Healing Ritual, and Sage House Blessing. 96 illustrated pages, published in Winter 1997.

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