SageWoman #38 (reprint)
Women & Animals


SageWoman #38 - Women & Animals

This, one of SageWoman's best-selling issue ever, celebrates the special connection we have as women with the animal world. The boundless energy, rich sensuality, and evocative wildness of all our relations is here in all its glory.

We begin with Carol Weaver's "The Forgotten Dance" in which the author, during a series of guided spirit journeys, discovers her extraordinary connection with Horse. Then Judy Shook, whose companion animal/familiar, a small dog named Tinga, shares how her canine friend has helped her find the Wild Woman in herself. Speaking of familiars, next is Liz Wunderlich detailings the joys, challenges, and trials of connection with her cat in "My Lunar Familar."

The lessons of our elder animal teachers continue; noted ritualist and urban shaman Donna Henes relates the story of her extraordinary encounter with a wounded pigeon in "rites and responsibilities," and Theresa Dintino finds courage in the examples of maternal animals in "Fierce Mothering" while Sue Spirit learns about oneness with creation and being in the moment from her dog, which she shares with us in "Lessons in Meditation from a Dog." Animal rights activists will especially enjoy Erin Holmes call for Goddess-centered vegetarianism in "The Goddess on My Dinner Plate" and we finish with Diana Paxson's rich evocation of the magickal lore of all animal goddess in her column on "Bear Mother."

Seasonal offerings include Janeen Grohsmeyer's summer suggestions in "Children of the Goddess: Summer"and Yvonne Owens' "The Witches Wheel of the Year: Summer. Columns include DeAnna Alba's reflections on animal magic in "The Cauldron of Changes", Jan Williams' celebration of night-blooming flowers, herbs and plants in "Sacred Herbs: Gifts from the Land", and the reflections of Elizabeth Barrette on coming out of the Broom Closet. Plus Joanna Powell Colbert reviews "The Greenwood Tarot," rituals for a Celtic Circle Casting, a self-dedication ritual, and, a ritual for helping your pet cross the Rainbow Bridge, and, of course, the Rattle!

80 pages, edited and published by Anne Newkirk Niven in Summer of 1997.

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