SageWoman #36 (reprint)
Our Children


SageWoman #36 - Our Children

Whether you are a mother, a grandmother, an aunt or a friend (or all of the above!) you'll enjoy this issue. If you are childfree (either by choice or by chance) there's a place for you in this issue, too!

This issue has a special place in my heart, too; at the time I edited it I had three children under the age of eight, and besides being sleep-deprived and overwhelmed, I also was discovering the surprising transformations (both delightful and terrifying) that being with children can bring. This issue begins with Starhawk's wise reflections on "What Children Teach Us," an article that plumbs, without sentimentality or pathos, the unique connections that children have with the Goddess.

"Opening the heart is the primary practice," writes Melissa West in "Mothering as a Spiritual Path;" an article that combines Buddhist and Pagan precepts to offer perspectives on what it means to be a conscious mother. In "The Three-Fold Gift", Renata Sommers reflects on the pain, passion, and perfection that was her son's one-week life; while in "Feeling Fear, Nurturing Courage" Elizabeth Bernstein describes the special challenges (and joys) she feels as the homeschooling mother of her daughter.

The subject of children also illuminates the issue of not being a mother, and in "A Reflection on the Untried Womb,"Faith Benedetti celebrates her decision to remain childfree; Sharon Delaney, in "Saying Goodbye to Childbearing," has a more bitter/sweet story of her emergency hysterectomy and how she came to understand herself as a creative woman in new ways.

Ritual offerings in this issue include "Crossing into Womanhood" by Patricia Pariseau Blouin, a delightful ritual for our daughters coming into maidenhood, Janeen Grohsmeyer's "Children of the Goddess" which includes Midwinter and Imbolc family-centered seasonal crafts and rituals, and "The Witches Wheel of the Year: Winter" by Yvonne Owens describes the magick of Samhain, and the lunar moons of Birch, Rowan, Alder, and Holly. Plus A Circle is Cast with rituals on weaning, ritual writing, and for Winter Solstice.

The Ocean Mother Yemaya is the subject of Diana Paxson's "One of Ten Thousand" column this issue, an article full of lore, rituals, altars, and candle magick dedicated to the Yoruba Lady of Oceans.

Columnists include DeAnna Alba (on teaching children), Jan Williams (on plant devas), Ann Kreilkamp (on her own unique mothering experience), Carol P. Christ (on the magick of dolls), Elizabeth Barrette (on self-initiation), Joanna Powell Colbert (on animal divination), Lunaea Weatherstone (on dressing a Solstice Tree).

Last, but not, least, a rousing (several issue) Rattle discussion on the subject of Jesus and the Goddess begins in this issue.

96 pages, edited and published by Anne Newkirk Niven in winter of 1996.

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