SageWoman #22
Global Goddess

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SageWoman #22 - Global Goddess

Salute the many faces of the Goddess around the world with this classic issue. Filled to the brim with provocative, intense articles this issue begins by asking "Who Owns the Goddess?"

Next, we start a whirlwind journey around the globe to experience the goddesses of many times and cultures. We include an in-depth examination of the legacy of Vodou Queen Marie Laveau, a visit to Glastonbury, an article on the Greek goddesses (Demeter, Persephone, Artemis, Aphrodite, Athena, Hera, Hestia and Hecate) and the Goddess in Australia. There's a fascinating discussion of the nature of Goddess -- is she really just one being? is she an archetype? are different named goddesses actually different beings? -- that concludes with a guided meditation to find your own connection to the Mother Goddess.

DeAnna Alba discusses how to find your own personal matron deity; a review of the (then newborn) genre of Pagan music by famous Goddess musician Lady Isadora; the herbal wisdom of pine trees; and a look at the Queen cards in many Tarot decks.

Our rituals include Celebrating Lilith, a Woman's Seder, a Full Moon Meditation to Meet Kwan Yin, and a solo ritual for the Goddess of Fire. 64 illustrated pages, published in spring of 1993.

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