SageWoman #19 (reprint)
Element of Fire


SageWoman #19 - Element of Fire

The passionate Element of Fire, corresponding to the direction of South and the realm of the Will, is the focus of this issue. Filled with the magical drawings of Renee Christine Yates, this issue ranges from Lunaea Weatherstone's "Dare to be Different: Creativity in Ritual" to articles on "Healing Our Anger" and a ritual celebrating the Hawaiian volcano goddess Pele. Of special note is an in-depth look at the creative spark of divine Shekhina, the Goddess within Judaism, and a look at the Tarot suit of Wands. Even our reader's forum "The Rattle" is full of controversy this issue. For a double-helping of passion in magic, look to this issue! 60 illustrated pages, published by Anne Newkirk Niven, edited by Lunaea Weatherstone in summer of 1992.

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