SageWoman #15 (reprint)
Love & Self Love


SageWoman #15 - Love & Self Love

From the startling (and lovely) partially nude priestess portrait of a Holy Qadishtu (sacred temple sex-worker) by Joanna Powell Colbert that graces the cover to the Rattle's spirited discussion of the place of men in women's spirituality, this issue is quite an eye-opener. Although it was theoretically about all kinds of love, it bypasses "partner" love and addresses loving oneself almost exclusively. Aphrodite rules this issue: articles include "The secrets of self-love through Aphrodite", a self-esteem ritual, "Love and the Altarspace', "An Aphrodite Ritual for Summer Solstice", a review of "love" cards in various tarot decks, Nan Hawthorne's "Playing with the Goddess: sacred dress and sacred sex", and Lunaea's own stunning offering, "She Changes Everything She Touches: Body change as magickal self-love." There's a lot packed into these 52 illustrated pages.

Published by Anne Newkirk Niven and edited by Lunaea Weatherstone in Spring 1991.

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