SageWoman #14 (reprint)


SageWoman #14 - Home

"What makes a home?" ponders Lunaea in her editorial introducing this issue, and then goes about answering the question in this, SageWoman's most endearing early issue. With wit, whimsy, and even a touch of the old-fashioned "women's magazine" this issue paints a picture of the Pagan homestead. Includes Anne Newkirk Niven's essay on raising small children "Our Pagan Home", Callista Lee's musings on "Bringing Hestia Home", articles on Italian-American home rituals, sleeping in caves, house-protection magic, wheat-blessings; ritual bathing; and the SageWoman 1999 survey results.

48 illustrated pages, published by Anne Newkirk Niven and edited by Lunaea Weatherstone in Spring 1991.

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