SageWoman #7
Blessings of the Earth


SageWoman #7 - Blessings of the Earth

This issue is one big love letter to the Earth Goddess, jam-packed with little magical ways that we can be more grounded in our Goddess life. It includes a beautiful ritual celebrating Mother Earth, guides to using crystals and stones; rock divination; several articles on living the country Pagan life, favorite holiday foods for Pagan festivals; “My Experience with Animal Allies,” an earth-quest vision quest; storm magic; and so much more. (We've even got several spells — to banish fear, to send away the evil eye, and to draw money) in here! We also feature an exclusive interview with womanspirit pioneer and beloved goddess sister Shekinah Mountainwater, and an article on the early political divisions in the womanspirit community between reformers and radicals, and a rousing set of reader's letters in the Rattle. All tied together with the soaring artwork of Sudie Rakusin and Joanna Powell Colbert. 56 illustrated pages, originally published in the Summer 1988.

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