Witches&Pagans #37
Plant Allies


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Witches&Pagans #37 --
Plant Allies: the Hidden Magic of the Green World

Despite being in an intense relationship with these conscious green beings that grow around us, most of us are complete strangers to them. We exist side-by-side, happily sharing the breath of life and yet most of us haven’t even introduced ourselves. In this issue of Witches&Pagans we share the experiences of herbalists, gardeners, magic-workers and ordinary folks as the weave relationships with our Green kin. This issue features:

Focus on Building Relationships with Plants
Plants & People: A Sacred Relationship. Faye Johnstone teaches us how to transform our lives by connecting with the spirits of plants.

Singing to the Mistletoe. Sithearain Nicleoid describes the ancient lore — and modern practice — of Native Celtic plant medicine and magic.

Dreaming of Datura. Australian witch and herbalist Stacey Carroll describes her encounters with English plants in the wilds of New South Wales.

Focus on Magical & Devotional Aspect of Working with Plant Allies
Sacred Intention. Discover the magical and medicinal herbology of the Canary Islands with Carolina Gonzalez.

The Search for “Moly.” Join Hellenic polytheist Chris Aldrige on his quest for the identity of a magical plant described in Homer’s Odyssey.

Magic of Fruit & Thorn. Hedgewitch Sara Mastros reveals the secrets of a potent witch’s triumvirate: hawthorn, blackhaw, and blackthorn.

Focus on Pagan People, Place, and Practice
A Witch Next Door. A visit with author, blogger, workshop leader extraordinaire and Pagan celebrity Jason Mankey. Profile by Debra Deangelo.

The Binding of Donald Trump & the New Magic of the Resistance. Hecate Demetersdatter interviews Pagan magician and activist Michael Hughes.

Crazy or Inspired? Mental Health and Psychology for Magical Practitioners. Anthony Rella discusses ways to bridge the gap between the mental health and spiritual communities.

Wandering Witch Visits Marie LaVeau. Natalie Zaman searches for signs of the Voodoo Queen of New Orleans.

Focus on Pagan Living
Our columnists weigh in on all kinds of magic, devotion, and practice.


  • Raven Grimassi -- Mysteries of the Thorn-Blooded Rose.
  • Jamie Della-- Yarrow: a powerful ally and protector.
  • Hecate Demetersdatter -- What's up with Plant (and Animal) Allies?
  • Deborah Blake -- In Spring, looking towards the Harvest to come.
  • Diotima Mantineia -- Uranus is one big rebel and trickster.
  • H. Byron Ballard -- One Pagan commandment: connect to the Earth.
  • Archer -- Sacred meals connect us to the Gods (and each other.)
  • Christopher Penczak -- Mysteries of the Sorcerer.
  • Ivo Dominguez, Jr -- Magic from the Green Kingdom.
Thorn Mooney & Eurus offer answers to your witchy questions. In this issue: "What famous Pagans and Witches do you admire?"

88 pages, publication date June 2019

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