SageWoman #66


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SageWoman #66 - Enchantment
We all love for the mysterious, the magical, the fairy-tale. In this issue of SageWoman, we plunge headlong into the realm of make-believe and see what it means to us as Goddess-loving women. In "Mountain of Angels" the author ponders how we can find enchantment in our everyday life, while in "Journey to Enchantment" we learn how drumming can lead to other-worldly visions. Vila Spiderhawk offers us "Everyday Bliss" while Laurie Sue Brockaway inspires us to welcome our Faerie Godmothers in "Bibbidy, Bobbidy, Boo!" For an unusual ritual, see Elizabeth Hazel's Annual Review ritual "Tabula Rasa" and discover the transformational power of an ancient Crone goddess in Diana Paxson's "Cerridwen: Stirring the Cauldron." Columns include Susun Weed's ode to plantain, Stephanie Rose Bird's "The Magic of Henna", and Valzora Sprigg's bathing rituals. 96 illustrated pages, published in Winter of 2005.

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