PanGaia #33
Cat Magic


PanGaia #33 - Cat Magic
Of all the animals on Earth, the majority are either wild or tame. Yet to the cat — in her many guises — this boundary is non-existent. She crosses it forward and back whenever she pleases. Perhaps this is why, as has often been observed, the cat is also the animal most associated with magic and the uncanny.

If you love cats, this is your issue, absolutely chock-ful of magickal, mystical cats. Among the stories featured in this issue are the gems we've described below. One of our best-loved (and best-selling) issues!

Rachelle Wren talks about some very special kitties — and the dangers they face — in "Black Cat Mojo, Superstition, and Lore." In "Lessons from Bob,” Tiffany Tresnt introduces us to a elemental circle with guardian felines from around the world, while Steven Lopata talks about efforts to preserve one of the greatest cats in "Tiger Preserves."

Did you think that the worship of cat deities is a thing of the past? Think again! Lady Bastet tells about the contemporary reverence of the goddess Bast in "City of Cats: Temple of Bubastis." We also have two terrific pieces of feline humor in this issue; the late Isaac Bonewit's witty "The Feline War Against Literary" and "Lions Don't Use Luggage" by Joy Jones.

And for anyone who has ever had to say goodbye to a beloved feline, "Impermanence: the Story of Elanor" by Barbara Fisher will be a bittersweet reminder of the connections we make with our animal companions.

The fur flies in this issue’s Toe-to-Toe as readers respond to the question "Should We All Celebrate the Same Holidays." Barbara Fisher and Levee Gracle argue for localized sacred holidays whuile Caroline Ailanthus and Joan Robinson-Blumit advocate a world-wide Pagan calendar.

We also share a lovely nature essay "Fast-Moving Water" by Bob Burruss; Cairril Adaire opines on the need for professionalism in Pagan leadership; and Lady Khtari Ahnya ventures into "Bible Belt Paganism."

Best-selling author Alex Bledsoe offers a Lady Firefly story in "The Athame Cuts Both Ways," Reeve Scheley finds himself battling the elements (or is it something more sinister) in "A Tipi in New Jersey," and Maerian Allen brings magic and cats together in her story "Seeking Shadow."

Plus there's our regular columnists: R J Stewart on "Jasper the Cat in the UnderWorld," Dagonet Dewr shares a Yuletide family ritual "Bring Back the Light," Donna Henes gives her witty (and occasionally snarky) answers to reader's magickal problems in "Ask Your Mama," naturalist Chris Chisholm follows "The Trail of the Cougar,"and Laura LaVoie shares her experience with a sphynx (the hairless cat, not the statue in Egypt" to round out this issue. Plus reviews, letters from readers, and much more. 80 pages, originally published in Autumn of 2002.

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