Witches&Pagans #38
Magic of the People


Witches&Pagans #38 - Magic of the People: Folk Magic & Conjure
Folk magic is simply the magic of the people: down-to-earth, pragmatic practices that address everyday human needs. In this issue of Witches&Pagans we share the experiences of all kinds of Pagans & Heathens: witches, conjure practitioners, artists, writers, artisans, and others, making magic with what they have to benefit themselves, their friends & families, and their communities. Join us!

Focus on Folk Magic & Conjure
  • Hillfolk Hoodoo: The Village Witch of Asheville tells it like it is. Meet H. Byron Ballard: a Western North Carolina native, teacher, folklorist and writer. She has served as a featured speaker and teacher at many Pagan conferences, written many books on Pagan culture and American Folk magic, and is the village witch of Asheville, North Carolina. Interview by Diotima Mantinea.

  • The Foundation Laid Before Us: How I Serve the Ancestors and 9 Ways You Can Serve Them, Too. Hoodoo Sen Moise has been studying this tradition and working with Conjure for over 35 years. In this exclusive excerpt from his book Working Conjure: A Guide to Hoodoo Folk Magic, Moise teaches his methods of honoring the ancestors. With original artwork by Clinton Meister.

  • Aim for the Moon: A Visit to Lucky Mojo Curio Shop. Tina Riddle Deason takes a drive to the country and discovers a place full of magic and visions. With original artwork by Clinton Meister.

  • Tracing the Roots: Folk Magic, Wicca, & British Traditional Magic. Join Pagan historian and ethnologist A. C. Fisher Aldaag as she sorts out the complicated backstories of magical traditions originally based in the complex traditions of the British Isles.

  • The Art & Magic of Poppets. Sit down with Laura Tempest Zakroff and enjoy a cozy visit with Pagan author, artisan, and celebrity Silver Ravenwolf.

People, Place, and Practice
  • How Did We Get Here? Far-Right Ideology in Pagan and Heathen America. White nationalism has grown bolder recently and Paganism, like other religions, has been drawn into its orbit. Jefferson F. Calico explores both the peril of white supremacy and what is being done to counteract its influence in contemporary Pagan/Heathen culture. Plus: Heathen vs. Hate: A Trollslayer’s Guide by Erin Lale.

  • Witch, Please: Finding Magic in Changing Times with Misty Bell Stiers. Deborah Castenella catches up with this very urban witchy mama to discuss how she make family magic in these challenging times.

  • The Tarot Garden of Garavicchio. Lisa McSherry is our guide to a walk through the monumental creations of an Italian visionary.

Focus on Pagan Living

Our columnists weigh in on all kinds of magic, devotion, and practice.

  • Christopher Penczak -- Mysteries of the Sovereign.
  • Jamie Della -- Face your fears with Aspen.
  • Hecate Demetersdatter -- The rules of witchcraft: none. And Mason jars.
  • Deborah Blake -- In Spring, looking towards the Harvest to come.
  • Diotima Mantineia -- If you want to live in a better world, now is the time to up your magical game. (The stars are on your side.)
  • Archer -- The fresh water spring is where above and below come together.
  • Ivo Dominguez, Jr -- Working locally is at the heart of Folk Magic.
  • Sara Amis -- Folk Magic is based on finding power in the ordinary material world.
  • Mat Auryn -- Hitting the Books: An introduction to Bibliomancy.
  • Thorn Mooney & Eurus offer answers to your witchy questions. In this issue: "What is the difference between folk magic and witchcraft.
88 pages, to be published October 15, 2020. 88 pages, publication date August 2020

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