Witches&Pagans #34
Creating Ritual


Witches&Pagans #34 - Creating Ritual

Whatever your path, whether you are a devotional Polytheist, a Wiccan priest/ess, a root worker and witch, an arch-Druid or a naturalist Pagan, doing ritual is almost certainly part of your spiritual path. In this issue, we explore the many diverse ways in which ritual creates, nurtures, connects and reinforces our bonds to the Gods, the Spirits of Nature, and to each other in community.

This special issue features:

Focus on Druids & Celtic Spirituality

Getting to Know Your Story:
A Talk with OBOD Chief Druid Philip Carr-Gomm.

Gail Nyoka chats with the renowned English druid about the elements of ritual, Druidism, and following the Awen.

Eolas ar Senchais: Illuminating Ancient Celtic Ritual.
It’s sometimes difficult to know real lore from invented nonsense, so what’s a Celtic-inspired ritualist to do? Author and druid Sitheearan NicNeoid leads the way down the road to authentic knowledge of these ancient paths.

Druid Ritual Style.
The rituals of Ar nDraiocht Fein (“Our Own Druidry” in Gaelic), are known for their careful design and elaborate nature. ArchDruid Kirk Thomas lays out the structure, meaning, and theology of these foundational rites.

Focus on Group Rituals

Eleusis by the Sea: Wandering Witch at Spring Mysteries.

Natalie Zaman takes a personally significant journey to meet the Gods at the yearly ritual drama held by the Aquarian Tabernacle Church.

Forged in Flame: Creating a Reclaiming Beltane Ritual.
Irisanya draws back the curtain on the art of creating the legendary rituals of the Reclaiming witchcraft tradition. PLUS We Come from the Land Down Under: Retrofitting Ritual for Southern Hemisphere Pagans by Lee Pike.

Focus on Creating Your Own Rituals

Our columnists weigh in on ways to bring meaning into your solitary (and family) rituals.

Raven Grimassi Solitary Ritual & Aligning Ourselves with Power;
Hecate Demetersdatter How to Create a Successful Group Ritual;
Deborah Blake What’s Your Ritual Style?;
Jason Mankey Was Your Last Ritual a Disaster?;
Diotima Mantineia Astrological Timing for Your Next Working;
H. Byron Ballard Ritual and Theatre?
Shirl Sazynski The Names of the Gods.

Please welcome our new columnists:

Christopher Penczak, Thorn Mooney, and Eurus

NEW COLUMN: By Love, Will, and Wisdom
Christopher Penczak explains the Triple Road of the Witch.

NEW COLUMN: Two Many Witches
Thorn Mooney & Eurus offer answers to your witchy questions. In this issue: "Do I Need to Be in a Coven?"

88 pages, publication date June, 2017.

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