Witches&Pagans #32


Witches&Pagans #32 - Polytheism: Many Gods, Many Paths

In this special edition of Witches&Pagans, we take an in-depth look at the theology and practice of modern polytheism — one of the fastest growing movements in the modern Pagan movement.

Niki Whiting starts us off with "Rooted in the Gods: A Brief Guide to Modern Polytheisms" by outlining the theological styles of polytheism, as well as the modes of practice (devotional, reconstructionist, relational) common in these many communities.

Silence Maestas offers us a more personal look in "The Living Heart of Polytheism" which examines a key part of modern polytheisms: the relationship between a devotee and their chosen deity.

Philosophers Edward Butler and Gus DiZerega take a deeper look at what is a very thorny theological issue in modern polytheisms: the relationship (if any) between individual Gods and a Greater Divine unity. Butler looks to the Platonic philosophers for answers in "Polycentric Polytheism," while DiZerega takes inspiration from the organization of living beings and ecosystems in "Rethinking Individuality: Wicca, Polytheism, and the Biology of Emergence." We also feature an opinion piece on polytheism and devotion by Galina Krasskova, and a passionate defense of polytheism as a modern path by druid John Michael Greer.

Storyteller Gail Nyoka shines a light on the modern revival of Druidry in its native land in "The Druids Return to Anglesey: an Interview with Kristoffer Hughes."

After a massive illness changed her life forever, Virginia Carper found solace — and a new sense of purpose — by cultivating devotional relationships with the spirits of extinct species. Discover her journey in "That Which is Remembered, Lives: Establishing a Cultus for Extinct Animals."

Widespread popular attention has focused in popular culture on the culture and religion of the Northern gods. In "Heathen English," Ash Grimsbury argues that we’d be even closer to these deities if we used their native language: English.

Plus the magic of pilgrimage (Archer), spirits of place (Hecate Demetersdatter); cultural appropriation and Wicca (Deborah Blake); Drawing Down the Moon (Jason Mankey); the gods of astrology (Diotima Mantineia), the story of Aloe (Jamie Wood); Cakes for the Queen of Heaven (H Byron Ballard); and welcoming House Wights (Shirl Sazynski.) Plus Pagan poetry and a story about a Heathen priestess coming into her power "Gullveig Drowning by Jackson Eflin.

88 pages, published June 2016.
Cover image “Tree of Life” by Yuko Ishii ©2016 yukoishii.com.

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