Witches&Pagans #28
Element of Earth


Witches&Pagans #28 - The Element of Earth

Meet Pagan Leaders: This issue guest-stars a pair of notable Pagan writers. In "A Priestess for All Seasons" we sit down with loremistress, fantasy author, seeress and Pagan/Heathen community leader Diana L. Paxson. Diana is best-known for her work on the "Avalon" series (launched by Marion Zimmer Bradley) but has more than thirty novels and non-fiction books to her credit. Discover what inspires her amazing imagination in this exclusive interview. Western esoteric author Josephine McCarthy has been a working magician for over three decades; we discuss how magick arises from the power of the land spirits in "Visions from the North Gate."

Visit Sacred Lands: Celtic scholar, and druid/shaman-priestess Sharon Paice MacLeod guides us to earth altars, caves, and much more in “Gods of the Hollow Hills: Earth Sanctuaries of the Pagan Celtic World.” Also in Great Britain, meet Druid author Emma Restall Orr, and her deep-rooted quest to found and cultivate a natural sanctuary and cemetery in "Sun Rising."

Hone Your Spiritual Practice: explore the way in which artist and eco-Pagan Lupa Greenwolf honors the spirits of animals while working with their bones in "Sacred Remains" while Susan Harper concludes her series on the magick of the Elements with "Sensing Earth."

PLUS: A guest editorial on spiritual eating by the late Judy Harrow. Our columnists offer a cornucopia of lore, legend, and practical magick: Raven Grimassi teaches us to create a Shadow Garden; Archer treats us to the lore of household altars; HecateDemeter extols us to root our political magic in our land base. Two columnists extol their homes: Galina Krasskova explores her upstate New York home while Ashleen O'Gaea describes the magic of Arizona. Last, but hardly least, Deborah Blake shares grounding and centering tips; Jason Mankey reveals his 1890's ritual; John Michael Greer recommends against Pagan clergy; and Fritz Muntean goes to Great Britain. Plus letters, reviews, Pagan poetry and lots more! 88 pages, published in May, 2014.

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