Witches&Pagans #27
Element of Water


Witches&Pagans #27 - The Magick of Water

Discover the Wonder of Water: What would it be like to experience water viscerally? Susan Harper teaches us to become conscious of the sacral nature of this ubiquitous element in her article “Sensing Water.” Loremaster P. Sufenas Virius Lupus writes about the ability of water and even of drowning to assist in the apotheosis of humans in a fascinating look at classical Greek and Roman paganism “Deification by Drowning.” Leni Hester introduces us to the Lady of Fresh Water, Ochun, in “No One is an Enemy to Water.”

Meet Pagan Leaders: This issue guest-stars a triplet of fascinating Pagan notables. Paranormal and detective novelist Alex Bledsoe sold his first magickal “Lady Firefly” story to PanGaia in 1998. Catch up with his journey in this conversation with Deborah Blake; then listen in as the inimitable T. Thorn Coyle talks with Pagan blogger, mystic, Druid and musician (aka Matt Morris) Teo Bishop; and visit with Renaissance woman, writer, and community leader Tish Owen.

Visit Sacred Lands: Celtic scholar, and druid/shaman-priestess Sharon Paice MacLeod guides to the magick of water in Ireland, Wales, Scotland and England in “Three Cauldrons: Water & Wisdom in Celtic Traditions.”

PLUS: Raven Grimassi on the magick of roses and potions; HecateDemeter extols us to honor water in daily life, Archer explores the myth and lore of the ocean; Galina Krasskova conducts a conversation with a Bantu water worker; Deborah Blake shares inexpensive water magick; new columnist Jason Mankey opines on the multitude of Pagan beliefs; John Michael Greer extols the “Meso-Pagans,” and Fritz Muntean discusses “crazies in the coven.” Letters, reviews, a magickal journey to China, Pagan poetry and lots more! 88 pages, published in October, 2013.

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