Witches&Pagans #36
Gods & Godesses


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Witches&Pagans #36 - Gods, Goddesses & the Glorious Divine

Who do we worship? How do we find Them — or, how are we found by Them? Whatever our path, the divine is part of our lives and practices. In this issue of Witches&Pagans we share the experiences of priests, devotees, writers, artists, dancers, spirit workers, and everyday people as they live in relationship with the Divine. This special issue features:

Focus on Understanding the Gods
To Walk with Orisha: The Path of Connectedness. Manny Tejeda-Moreno leads us on a path replete with Spirit, power, and passion.

To Soar with the Butterflies: Sigyn, Lady of Compassion. Erin Lale describes the ancient lore — and modern gnosis — of this underappreciated Norse goddess.

His Name Means Ecstacy: Exploring Sacred Marriage in Northern European traditions
by priestess Shirl Sazynski.

Riding with the Frauen. Discover the hidden goddesses of Germanic culture with loremistress Heidi Parton.

Wisdom of the Holy Isle: Gods & Goddesses of Avalon. Explore the deities of the Celtic Otherworld with Sithearain Nicleoid.

Focus on Daily Devotion
Religio Romana. Roman polytheist Virginia Carper describes her day-to-day practice of having a proper relationship with the Gods.

A Party for Parvati.
Want a truly humbling experience? Go to where people who are indigenous to your practice shop, by Deborah Castellano.

Surrounded by Deity.  Irisanya reveals what’s it like to be devoted to many gods and goddesses at the same time.

Focus on Pagan Living
Our columnists weigh in on bringing the divine into your life.

  • Raven Grimassi -- The Gods in Old Witchery
  • Jamie Della-- Rose Geranium: a plant of love
  • Hecate Demetersdatter -- How I Found the Goddess
  • Deborah Blake -- Where is Your Inner Goddess?
  • Jason Mankey -- Relationships with the Gods are Reciprocal
  • Diotima Mantineia -- Looking Out for Saturn
  • H. Byron Ballard -- I Love the Big Mama: Don't You?
  • Archer-- A Pagan View of Jesus
  • Christopher Penczak -- Seers are Artists & Storytellers
  • Ivo Dominguez, Jr -- Drawing Down the Great Ones
Thorn Mooney & Eurus offer answers to your witchy questions. In this issue: "How Do I Connect to a God?"

88 pages, publication date September, 2018.

Table of contents in PDF format.

Available in either classic-paper or digital editions.

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