newWitch #05
Wicca for Newcomers


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newWitch #5 - Wicca for Newcomers
Just starting out in Wicca and want to get connected? This issue features articles applicable to beginning seekers, but doesn't talk down to experienced practitioners.

Several features for college/young adult Pagans, too. Includes: "Find the Perfect Coven," "Understanding Eclectic Wicca," "Reduce Workplace Stress with Magic," "Start Your Own Online Coven," "Help! My Roomate’s a Muggle!" "Pagans on Campus," "Making Magic with Gargoyles," "7 Steps to Joining a Coven," "Sacred Places in Tiny Spaces," "Urban Wildcrafting,"· "The Astrology of Transits," "Dark Pagan Music," "Magick of My Little Ponies," Good Witch/Bad Witch on whether to Magick your rude neighbor, plus interviews with songstress Kristin Sweetland and Disinformation trickster Richard Metzger and much more.

80 illustrated pages · Originally published in Winter 2003

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Available in either classic-paper or digital editions.Pagans on Campus,

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