newWitch #06
Beltane Magick


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newWitch #6 - Beltane Magick
It's a hot, hot, HOT issue full of pre-Beltane love & sex magick. Australian celebrity witch, actress and Playboy centerfold Fiona Horne in an exclusive interview with newWitch editor Dagonet Dewr LaSara Firefox on sensual magic for Beltane Galina Krasskova on How to improve your love life with magic

PLUS Christopher Penczak on connecting to the spirit of your home city Jason Pitzl-Waters explores the Left-Handed Path with John Coughlin Can I Have an Extinct Totem Animal? Using Witchcraft to Survive a Low-Wage Job Defending Yourself Against Religious Bigots GW/BW on cross-religion dating Australian Beltane Magic and the Pagan Calendar Down Under 7 Steps to Creating Your Own Candle Magic Interview with Ellen Dugan 13 Magical Plants for Every Witch's Garden Beginner's Guide to Asatru Kenaz Filan on Ogou: God of War.

80 pages, published spring of 2004.

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Available in either classic-paper or digital editions.

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