newWitch #7
Acts of Love & Pleasure


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newWitch #7 - Acts of Love & Pleasure
In this, this seventh issue of newWitch, we collect a lovely bouquet of articles that celebrate the many ways to be in love — with Life, each other, and ourselves. Join our merry dance in this upbeat issue!

We begin with "Passion Flowers: Aphrodisiacs for Fun and Pleasure" by "Foxy Witch" Sheela Ardrian. This playful (and yet thoughtful) article will give you lots of magickal, herbal, and sensual ways to heat up your love life. Then "City Witch" Christopher Penczak shares tips for finding love in the bustling hive of the urban metropolis. (It's harder than it may look, but Christopher has lots of great tips for the romance-minded Pagan.) Christopher also shares five steps to powerful sex magick in his article "Sex, Magic, and Healing" elsewhere in this issue.

Phil Brucato’s pop culture column "Chalice & Keyboard" tackles the ever-present question of how to deal with the increasing "hipness" of Pagan culture. With good humor, of course! And who could forget Secret Spells Barbie(TM)! Our best advice sisters Good Witch/Bad Witch tackle a new witch's questions about settling on a deity to worship and what to do about an ex-Pagan friend (turned Christian) who still does magick.

The subject of our in-depth cover interview, Pagan rock band Gaia Consort started in 1997 by Christopher Bingham and Sue Tinney, recorded 4 cds and were critically acclaimed as the "Pagan band of the century, if not the millennium" before mutating into a new group in 2009. As Gaia Consort, they celebrated the natural world, Pagan culture, polyamory, alternative sexuality and lefty politics in a holstic worldview. In this rollicking interview conducted at the height of their popularity after the release of their album "Evolve" we meet the band and find out what makes them tick.

Perhaps your highest ecstasy comes from connecting to the deep magic of water. If that's true, then our two articles on Pagan surfing "Mother Ocean" and "Full Moon, August, Matagorda Beach" will hit your sweet spot. Or maybe you want to do some rune magick to bring love into your life? Perhaps our article "Runebraiding: Craft a Love Spell to Work for You" is what you're looking for.

Wow! The rest of this issue is an glittering potpourri of magickal ideas and crafts for your Craft: how to welcome your magickal muse; ways to begin working with Tarot; tattoo and body art for Pagans; Mehndi; where Paganism and yoga connect; astrology of Mars transits, and even cyberspace devas and the magick of the element of Air. 80 pages packed with information for the modern Pagan; originally published in Fall of 2004.

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