newWitch #18
Winter Magick


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newWitch #18 - Winter Magick
Get off to a great start for the new year with our winter issue! Pagan superstar Candice Night of Blackmore Night leads off this issue with an exclusive four-page interview, followed by a round-table discussion of arcane mysteries by three of the most respected contemporary magicians: Donald Michael Kraig, Lon Milo Duquette, and Phil Hine. Or maybe you'd prefer to start your new year with a bang — in that case, jump right over to our sure-to-be controversial article on Pagan firepower "Witches with Weapons: the Case for Firearms in Pagan Spirituality" by Galina Krasskova and Wintersong Tashlin. Or, all “Twilight” references aside, perhaps you feel you've been losing energy for no reason — Michelle Belanger will show you how to identify (and defeat) psychic vampires in "Protect Your Neck in Five Easy Steps." Getting cabin fever or simply want to visit the witchiest town in America? Wandering Witch Natalie Zamen takes us on a journey in "Wandering Witch Goes to Salem." Plus short fiction from Phil Brucato, more on Paganism and role-playing games, six steps to magical hygiene, Good Witch/Bad Witch and much, much more.

80 pages, released January 2009

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