Witches&Pagans #22
The Community Issue


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Witches&Pagans #22 - The Community Issue
Though most Pagans (and most readers of this magazine) are solitary practitioners, our movement is beginning to mature beyond one that celebrates individualism to one in which we are seeking to connect with each other, and, even more boldly, to take our place among other respected religions in the open marketplace of spiritual paths.

Mainstream media and institutions are beginning to treat Pagans with respect, largely due to the efforts of Pagan leaders such as Deidre Arthen (Earthspirit Community), Ivo Dominguez, Jr. (Assembly of the Sacred Wheel) and, most notably, priestess, author, and Pagan civil rights activist Selena Fox (Circle Santuary, Laby Liberty League). We've featured all three of these courageous campaigners in this issue; their stories of struggle, setbacks, and, happily, success, will lift your spirits and hopefully inspire further efforts to support a strong Pagan culture.

But it's not just the stars of the movement that deserve our recognition and support. Hundreds of thousands of Pagans live quietly, passionately, devoted to their faith in every part of the Western world. Some may believe that its impossible to be Pagan especially out of the Broom Closet in the so-called "Bible Belt" of America. But, in fact, there are many thousands of Pagans that live and thrive in the American South. Meet them, and learn more about what it's like to be Pagan in a deeply Christian region in our 13-page story "Southern, Pagan & Proud" (complete with a directory of over 100 Pagan groups and stores in the Deep South.)

Are you fired up to create community, right where *you* live? Then you'll enjoy the down-to-earth advice, step-by-step tips, and exercises shared by author Lisa McSherry in her article "Called to Lead: Steps to Form a New Magical Group."

Lots of other magical goodies rounds out this jam-packed issue: tips for empowering your own path, making your own mojo bag, the magic of circles, connecting to the Fae and standing up for your path (even when your community disagrees). Plus creating seasonal festivals for children, honoring our dead, meditations on silence, and tips for having a great Pagan Yuletide on a budget! Add in reviews of great seasonal calendars, ideas for Yuletide giving, a wonderful story of finding magic in unexpected places, seasonal sacred poetry, a rip-roaring fight in the Give and Take feedback section and bracing advice to a teen Pagan from Good Witch/Bad Witch and you've got an inspiring issue worth putting under the Yule tree for everyone on your list or gifting yourself! Ninety-six illustrated pages.

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