PanGaia #23
Defending Gaia


PanGaia #23 - Defending Gaia
The Story of Julia Butterfly Swimming in a Lake of Fire: Activist Witchcraft Comes of Age Dancing to Your Shadow: A Celtic Reflection on Heartbrokenness Discovering the Magic of Findhorn Restoring the Earth: A Vision of Hope for the 21st Century Scientific Mysticism: Karma and Chaos Theory The Bear That Wasn't There: Winds of the Great Spirit The Gypsy Festival of Sara-Kali Toe to Toe: Should We Support Giant e-Tailers Ritual World: Tibetan Buddhism The Healing Craft: The Occult and Medicine Goddess Journeys: The Ancient Greeks and Women Magick in the Third Dimension: Hearing as a Magickal Tool Deep Time Medicine: Protecting the Earth Ask Your Mama Rental Goddess 80 illustrated pages. Edited by Diane Conne Darling. Spring 2000.

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