PanGaia #21
Season of the Witch


PanGaia #21 - Season of the Witch
This best-selling issue takes on so many of contemporary Paganisms biggest questions with grit and grace; everything from the Burning Times to the ethics of hexing. Lots to chew on for any modern Pagan, Heathen, Witch or polytheist!

The central article "The Great European Witch Hunt" boldly asserts, "What if everything you knew about the Burning Times turned out to be wrong?" Historian Jenny Gibbons brings the revolutionary historical study of the Witch hunts to bear on a time of horror and persecution, and discovers that all is not as popular Pagan myth would have it. I consider this singularly well-written article to be one of the best we have ever published.

The rest of the issue is just as juicy and surprising: "A Halloween Story" is a true-life tale of modern religious discrimination (spoiler alert: the Pagan wins!); reflections of a Peace Corps Pagan in Africa; a spirited defense of Hades (usually the patriarchal villain in the story of Demeter and Persephone); a Samhain-worthy retelling of the spooky Irish legend of Fionn and the Sidhe; and Diana Paxson's in-depth visit with the ancient sibyls of the Bay of Naples. Plus meditations on Autumn Equinox by Pauline Campanelli; a visit to the Goddess shrines of Crete with Vicki Noble; the mysterious jungle of the Ecuadorian Amazon; a debate between author Barbara Ardinger with editor Anne Newkirk Niven on the ethics of hexing; and an interview with Fellowship of Isis founder Olivia Robertson. 80 pages, first published in September, 1999.

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