PanGaia #20
Irish Paganism


PanGaia #20 - Irish Paganism
Brigid in Ireland: Discovering the Magic · Imbolc in Ireland: The Well of Her Memory · The Eldest Elder: Stewart Farrar · Dancing on the Edge of Madness: My Ayahausca Journeys ·An Eye for Art · Gods of Our People: Fionn Mac Cumhall · Asatru: Survival and Revial of Norse Folk Religion · Paganism, Magick, and the Control of Nature: The Danges of Magic · A Plant of Healing: Cannabis Sativa · Our Herb Circle: Sacred Gardens · Toe to Toe: Is Abortion Morally Acceptable? · Seasons of the Earth: Midsummer · A History of Healing Within Witchcraft and Paganism, Part 1 · The Art of Sacred Pilgrimage · Gold Busters!: The True Price of Gold · The Power of Fire · What's Up? · Rental Goddess · 80 illustrated pages. Edited by Diane Conne Darling. Published in Summer 1999.

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