PanGaia #18
Indigenous Traditions


PanGaia #18 - Indigenous Traditions
Meditating on the Wild Mountain: Entering Sacred Space · Honoring Womanhood the Navajo Way · Perspectives On Our History: Natives and Invaders Reconcile · Earth Walk Bear: The Sacred Bear · Toe to Toe: Are Ethnic Religions Open to Everyone? · Dreaming of Hel: A Spiritual Rebirth · Pagan Dharma · Time of the Season: Pagan Fiction by Alex Blesoe · Gods of Our People: Sarava Umbanda! · Nani Dora: The Ways of the Siberian Shaman · Aliens and Sylphs and Cloud-Ships from Magonia · Seasons of the Earth: Yuletide · EarthMother Stories: Shiva's Spider · Family Living: Sabbat Rituals for Children · What's Up? · Rental Goddess · 80 illustrated pages. Edited by Diane Conne Darling. Published in Winter 1998.

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