PanGaia #15
Springtime in Ireland


PanGaia #15 - Springtime in Ireland
This early issue of PanGaia is such a classic! Themes that we featured way back in 1998 seem equally topical today: a Toe-to-Toe debate on defining the words "Witch" and "Pagan" (sound familar?); a heavy emphasis on ecology and natural magick with articles on the magick of astrophysics, Gaian activism, and “The Trees of Ireland: Fighting For the Last Great Forests”; an emphasis on modern Druidism; the first ever "Firefly Witch" story from best-selling paranormal fiction author Alex Bledsoe; and a juicy rich article on King Arthur by loremistress Diana Paxson. (Plus “A Boy and his Sword: Father and Son Craft” an article on Tantrika, two articles for Pagan families and much more.) 80 pages, originally published in Spring 1998.

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