PanGaia #14
Samhain to Yule


PanGaia #14 - Samhain to Yule

This deeply reflective issue is perfectly suited for the season of darkness and introspection. A highly eclectic mix, this issue begins with a detailed article on Japanese spirituality "Rituals of Life and Death;" a skeptical look at catastrophic earth changes (like California falling into the ocean) in "Modern GeoMyths;" and a personal essay about the transformation of a sacred sweat in "A Secret Place."

Next up is a series of article on that evergreen topic of combining Christianity and Paganism in "What About the J-Guy?" followed by "The Rainbow Tribe: A Spiritual Family," an in-depth article on the Rainbow Gatherings which seeded the modern Pagan festival movement. In "The Darshan of Kernunnos" Richard Freeman Allen describes a mystical meeting with the Stag King of the woods. Walking between the worlds is a common experience in many Pagan myths and legends; one that is still practiced in the contemporary world as described by Joseph and Susan Carrabis in their article "Psychopomp: Walking the Border of Life and Death."

Loremistress Diana Paxson unveils the mysteries of a masculine god who respects women's magick in her article "Drumming with the Witches: Odin and Women." (If you are interested in Heathenism, the lore of Odin, and especially in Seidhr, this article is for you!) Plus Samhain ritual from Pauline and Dan Campenelli, a coloring page and children's story "The Pack Rat," family crafts for the long days indoors in "Let's Make Noise!", seasonal sky magic in "Andromeda in the Winter Sky," and the rollicking fun of the Hindu-themed short story " King Ambar and the Vish-Noo Flinger." 80 illustrated pages, published in Winter 1997.

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