PanGaia #13
Earthwise Spirituality


PanGaia #13 - Earthwise Spirituality
In this, our premiere edition of PanGaia, we stretch the meaning of "Pagan" to include a wide variety of earth-friendly spiritualities. In fact, this could easily be named "The Gaian Issue."

This trailblazing issue includes articles on scientific mysticism (I still enjoy reading "The Nine Layers of Gaea", an article on Gaea's geological body, including why California can never "fall into the sea" and a geologist's grounding ritual); right livelihood; Anodea Judith on the chakras and our first Toe-to-Toe debate (on whether Paganism needs professional clergy).

Our cover story is a profile of the life and work of eco-warrior and activist Judi Bari; and its real-world focus is nicely balanced by "Death, come home" (short fiction by James Fadiman); the Zen-inspired article on Pagan personal growth "The Ten Bulls of Pagan Practice," and an in-depth examination of Dionysis and Apollo by lore-mistress Diana Paxson.

Plus Pauline and Dan Campenelli on the holiday of Lammas; a child-friendly version of the story of Demeter and Persephone; a how-to article on making Pagan rattles (also geared to children) and more.

80 pages, published in the Autumn of 1997.

P.S. This is the first issue of PanGaia under that name, but as it is a (co-gender) relaunch of our Pagan men's magazine The Green Man, it's actually number #13.

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