The Blessed Bee - Year Five (#17-20)


A Pagan Family Newsletter. Year Five. (Issues 17-20)

The Blessed Bee #17 Miracles & Beauty ∑ The Wise Child: Summer Magic: Playing With Fire ∑ Pagan Family Values: Summertime Fun Times Outdoors ∑ Pagan Homeschooling: Can We Teach Paganism to Our Children? ∑ From Dadís Desk: Where to Look for Pagan Childrenís Resources ∑ Crafty Ideas: Fun in the Summer Sun ∑ Song Circle: Who Were the Witches? ∑ Earth Mother Stories: Sweetie Goose Tells Her Story ∑ How to Talk With Children About War & Threats to Security ∑ The Songs We Carry Inside ∑ Misty Moon Looking Full: The Birth Song of Jedadiah ∑ Child of the Sea ∑ The Home of the Goddess ∑ The Soul ∑ Poetry: Little Oneís Lullaby ∑ 30 illustrated pages. Edited by Lauren Foster MacLeod. Published in Summer 2003.

The Blessed Bee #18 The Simple Stones ∑ Pagan Family Values: Setting Up a Childrenís Altar ∑ Pagan Homeschooling: Finding Mentors & Keeping the Fires Burning ∑ From Dadís Desk: Ponderings Along the Path ∑ Bee-ginning Astronomy: Learn About the Moon ∑ Crafty Ideas: Autumn Nature Crafts ∑ Song Circle: Circle of Song ∑ Earth Mother Stories: Miss Tassy Gets a Scare ∑ Transitions of the Soul ∑ Boundaries ∑ Honoring Our Ancestors at Samhain ∑ Herne, My Tiny God ∑ 30 illustrated pages. Edited by Lauren Foster MacLeod. Published in Autumn 2003.

The Blessed Bee #19 Making Space ∑ Pagan Family Values: Creating a Family Memory Book ∑ Pagan Homeschooling: Seizing the Opportunity ∑ From Dadís Desk: Swinging For the Fences ∑ Bee-ginning Astronomy: Happy Star Trails to You ∑ Crafty Ideas: Quilts & Fruit Decorations ∑ Song Circle: The Sun is Born ∑ Earth Mother Stories: Henrietta Blue Jayís Big Surprise ∑ Ten Steps To Encourage Magical Children ∑ Fionah Fae Learns About Yule ∑ Back to Basics: Using Natureís Heart In Your Home During Winter ∑ Witches Festival of Lights ∑ 30 illustrated pages. Edited by Lauren Foster MacLeod. Published in Winter 2004.

The Blessed Bee #20 The Birdís Nest ∑ Pagan Homeschooling: Spring Into Learning Outdoors ∑ From Dadís Desk: Of Trees & Men ∑ Bee-ginning Astronomy: Happy Star Trails to You ∑ Magickal Food: Welcoming Ostara ∑ Crafty Ideas: Celebrate Springís Arrival ∑ Song Circle: New Moonís Song ∑ Family Ritual: New Moon House-Cleansing ∑ Doís & Doníts for the Younger Witch ∑ Tree Hugging for Dummies ∑ Humanity in the Night Sky ∑ Wheel of the Year Family Project ∑ 30 illustrated pages. Edited by Lauren Foster MacLeod. Published in Spring 2004.

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