The Blessed Bee - Year Three (#9-12)


A Pagan Family Newsletter. Year Three.(Issues 9-12)

The Blessed Bee #9 Girl Scouts Meet the Goddess · The Wise Child: Tarot Party · Magical Parenting: Dealing With Death · Pagan Homeschooling: Which Homeschooling Style Fits Your Family? · Pagan Family Values: Celebrate Summer With Theatre & Neighboring Parties · Crafty Ideas: Crafty Summer Activities · A Children’s Herbal: Daisy · Earth Mother Stories: Call Me Gaia · Songs For the Inner Child: A Season of Warmth · Song Circle: Summer Sunset · Organize Your Own Campout! · Creating a Spiritual Birth · The Devas: My Yard & My Thumb · 30 illustrated pages. Edited by Lauren Foster MacLeod. Published in Summer 2001.

The Blessed Bee #10 And the Wheel Turns · The Wise Child: Family Ancestor Tarot · Magical Parenting: Adoption Dreams & Lessons · Pagan Homeschooling: School-Free Living · Pagan Family Values: Autumn & Samhain Celebrations · Crafty Ideas: For the Cheapskate Witch · A Children’s Herbal: Burdock · Earth Mother Stories: The Story of the Very Greedy Bunny · Songs For the Inner Child: Pagan Reimagination · Song Circle: Giving Tunes · Excerpt From Violence Proofing Your Kids · Pagan Teen in the Heartland · A Guide For Educators With Pagan Students · Pagan Student Unions · Creating a Spiritual Birth, Pt. 2 · 30 illustrated pages. Edited by Lauren Foster MacLeod. Published in Autumn 2001.

The Blessed Bee #11 Creating Pagan Community · The Wise Child: Bedtime Animal Medicine · Pagan Homeschooling: Quiet Time of Winter · Pagan Family Values: Activities for Winter · Crafty Ideas: Little People · A Children’s Herbal: Holly · Earth Mother Stories: Windy Hollow & the Wonderful Celebration of Life · Raising a Child in the Wiccan Tradition · Elder Within · A Day For Magical Children · The Sunflower Story ·Karma, Reincarnation, & Children · 30 illustrated pages. Edited by Lauren Foster MacLeod. Published in Winter 2002.

The Blessed Bee #12 Starting an Interfaith Family · The Wise Child: Springtime Tree Magic · Pagan Family Values: Spring Frolicking · Pagan Homeschooling: Favorite Books & Resources · Magical Parenting: Visualizing With Your Family · A Children’s Herbal: Violet · Song Circle: Persephone Song · Earth Mother Stories: The Tale of Thaddeus T. Toad · Crafty Ideas: Use Your Head! Make Elemental Headdresses · Creating Community Rituals For Children · Children of the Earth: Child of the Stars · A Blessingway Ceremony: Dedication of Baby’s Placenta to the Earth · Butterflies in My Roses · Flutterby · Edited by Lauren Foster MacLeod. Published in Spring 2002.

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