The Blessed Bee - Year One (#1-4)


A Pagan Family Newsletter. Year One. (Issues 1-4)

The Blessed Bee #1 The Challenges of Pagan Parenting · The Wise Child: Tarot Cards · Magical Parenting: Allowing Mistakes · Pagan Homeschooling: Breaking Misconceptions · Mama’s Herbal Medicine: Healthy Memories · Crafty Ideas: Let’s Make A Sabbat Tree · Earth Mother Stories: Demeter & Kore · Songs for the Inner Child: Needed Tunes · The Poetic Muse: Hearing Hest & Other Poems · The Lesson · Breastfeeding Ritual: An Honor to the Nursing Mother · Becoming Demeter: The Sacred Healing Circles of Home & Family · Edited by Lauren Foster MacLeod. Published in Summer 1999.

The Blessed Bee #2 Halloween vs. Samhain · The Wise Child: Pumpkin of Wisdom · Magical Parenting: Keeping an Open Mind · Pagan Homeschooling: Keeping Samhain Fun · Mama’s Herbal Medicine: Breastfeeding Nutrients · Pagan Family Values: Religious Tolerance · Magickal Food: 4-in-1 Autumn Leaves · Crafty Ideas: The Magic of Paper · Earth Mother Stories: Why Granny Wears a Snake · Songs for the Inner Child: Elemental Verses · Youth Forum: The Law of Three · The Poetic Muse: Samhain Tunes · The Perfect Ecological Commodity · A Ritual For The Expecting · Edited by Lauren Foster MacLeod. Published in Autumn 1999.

The Blessed Bee #3 Stalking the Wild Yule Tree · The Wise Child: Honoring the Dark · Magical Parenting: The Great Car Trip · Pagan Homeschooling: Holiday Lessons & Joy · Mama’s Herbal Medicine: Grandmother’s Cure · Pagan Family Values: The Winter Rest · Crafty Ideas: Celebrating Winter With Our Animal Relations · Earth Mother Stories: Stone Soup, A Fable · Songs for the Inner Child: Yuletide Melodies · Daily Rites: A Ritual Page · Youth Forum: The Pagan Way · Decorate With the Four Elements · Resting in the Arms of the Goddess · Grandmothering… Nature’s Reward for Ripening · A Candlelight Ceremony for Family Understanding · Hestia’s Gift · Isis & the Dark Sister · 30 illustrated pages. Edited by Lauren Foster MacLeod. Published in Winter 2000.

The Blessed Bee #4 On Space, Dogs, & Life After Death · The Wise Child: Dances With Eggs · Magical Parenting: Loving Limits · Pagan Homeschooling: Mayday in Motion · Mama’s Herbal Medicine: Five Best Herbs for Beginner · Crafty Ideas: The Flowers of Beltane · Pagan Family Values: Springtime Magic · Magickal Food: Night Cake & Noodles · Earth Mother Stories: White Buffalo Calf Woman & the Sacred Pipe · Songs for the Inner Child: Celebrating Spring · Daily Rites: A Ritual Page · Pennies From Heaven · Have Kids, Will Travel: A Festival Survival Guide for Pagan Parents · Festival Childcare: Setting Up a Program · A Moon-mentous Occasion: Celebrating Your Daughter’s First Menstruation · Did Your Hands in the Dirt: Children Play With Earth · 30 illustrated pages. Edited by Lauren Foster MacLeod. Published in Spring 2000.

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