PanGaia #34
Healing Paths


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PanGaia #34 - Healing Paths
From the personal to the interpersonal to the global, healing touches each of us. In this issue, we lead off with healing of the body: Leah Samul gives us a detailed discussion of “Herbs as Healers” while in “The Heart of Healing” Wendy Bone introduces the ancient practice of aromatherapy. Moving into the area of emotional healing, we have the late Judy Harrow’s article “Empathy: The Passion Within.” In the spiritual realm, Phyllis Edgerly Ring and Larry Dossey take us “On a Wing and a Prayer,” considering the controversial question of healing prayers.

Our other articles cover a wide variety of themes, with an emphasis on earth spirituality. In her essay “Spirit of the Land: Adventure at Krysuvik” Carole Spearin McCauley takes us to the ancient (and highly Pagan!) land of Iceland. Celtic studies writer Mara Freeman offers a piece on Celtic ecology in “Eating the Salmon of Wisdom.” Bill Coolidge talks about how nature influences voice in “Writing from a Wild Place” while Ellen Evert Hopman’s “Listening to Trees”is another wonderful piece about communication with nature. In this issue, we also feature Part III of Cairril Adaire’s series on “Creating the Pagan Future,” this one on the importance of responsibility and accountability.

For poetry, check out the insightful “Oddments” by Barbara Fisher, the evocative “Drops of God” by Therese Baumberger, and the very on-topic “Flu Tea” by Joan Robinson-Blumit. For fiction, we are proud to present “A Little Red” which puts a new spin on the oft-told fairie tale about the little girl and the wolf, by Melodie Bolt.

Come see what lies in wait for you along the healing paths. 80 pages, originally published in the Winter of 2003.

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