PanGaia #35
Leadership & Community


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PanGaia #35 - Leadership & Community in Pagan Culture
In this issue, our contributors share their thoughts on leadership, community, and the complex interaction of the two. In our lead article, “A Path Beyond Grasping: Reflections on Conflict and Ego in Pagan Spiritual Groups,” Frank MacEowen discusses the functions — and dysfunctions — of community. Judy Harrow brings us a great deal of experience both as a Pagan and a counselor in “The Fool on the Hill: Dealing with Spiritual Emergencies.” This article explains the nature of a spiritual emergency and how it differs from a mundane mental illness. It suggests what to do should someone in this type of distress seek your aid, and also suggests when to refer them to professional help.

Don’t let the whimsical title fool you; “The Holy Order of the Hemp T-Shirt” by Caroline Ailanthus takes a look at the role of monks in other religions and speculates on their usefulness and possible manifestations in Pagan culture. “The Charge of the Goddess as Ethical Precept” by Julie Peavler-McCord examines in detail one of the most famous and beloved pieces of Wiccan liturgy. Here we discover evidence that Wicca has every bit as good a set of prescribed virtues as any other religion. “A Hungry Cauldron” by Rev. Helen“Bell” Haughey highlights the commercialization of Pagan paths.

Visit the elves in “Lothlorien Magic” the latest in our series on Pagan land sanctuaries and other emerging infrastructure. Explore sacred geometry in Bent Lorentzen’s “Measuring the Great Mother.” Learn about sustainability in the final installment of Cairril Adaire’s series “Creating a Pagan Future.” Our “Toe-to-Toe ” debate this time concerns hieracrchy in Pagan groups. We are especially proud to present the short fiction piece “Do Unto Others” by Barbara Fisher as well as three poems: Laurie Cubbison’s “argument,” Christina Eisenberg’s “The Goddess Unveiled,“and Kiwi Carlisle’s “January Walk.”

80 pages, originally published in Spring of 2003.

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