PanGaia #37
Good vs. Evil


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PanGaia #37 - Good vs. Evil
A witty, erudite, and surprisingly deep issue that we really should have titled the "Evil" issue, because that's what everyone ended up wanting to talk about. A perfect Samhain issue, but much deeper than just White Hats vs. Black Hats, this one is especially good for its discussion of the complexities of ethics in Paganism.

Includes: "Beyond Good & Evil: A Vision of Pagan Ethics," "A Little Spot of Darkness," "When the Goddess Sings the Blues," "The Paradox of Evil in Wiccan Theology," "Sword Without a Hilt: Exploring the Nature of Evil," "Black Hats Have More Fun," "Healing of the Soil: When the Land Itself Defies Evil," "Everything We Do Is a Ritual: Ethics and Practice in Haitian Voodou," "Creating a Pagan Bookshelf: Part 1, the Classics," "The Old Religion and the U.S. Military," "Autumn, a Season of Change," "Goddess in America: Black Magic in New Orleans," and much more.

80 pages. Originally published in Fall of 2003.

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