PanGaia #41


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PanGaia #41 - Transformation
This issue is all about learning to work with change -- an especially relevant topic in today's turbulent world. Pagans recognize transformation as a powerful force, so we say things like "Everything She touches, Changes."

Our gods transform, too: Inanna descends into the Underworld, dies, and is reborn; Loki gender-switches and shifts constantly; maiden Kore becomes the Queen of the Underworld, Persephone; Chango learns to forge iron.

In this issue of PanGaia we explore the fire of transformation, and by studying it, we can learn to use it, not be pummelled by it. Prepare to stretch beyond your normal boundaries with this cutting edge issue.

Includes "Do Pagans Need an Afterlife?" "Like Herding Cats: the Place of National Pagan Groups," "Shouldn't You Be in Church? (Or What to Do When Your Group Outgrows Your Living Room)"; "Queer Deities: Gods that Go Beyond Gender"; "The Problem of Loki;" "Encountering the Sacred: Ritual Creation beyond 101"; "The Warrior's Braid: A Memorial Day Ritual"; "Pagan Bookshelf V: Divination" and much more.

80 illustrated pages. Summer 2005.

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