newWitch #12
Cutting Edge Paganism


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newWitch #12 - Cutting Edge Paganism
This edition focuses on exploring the boundaries of what it means to be Pagan. Darkside shock artist Voltaire straddles the crossroads between Goth and the mainstream; in his provocative interview with Phil Brucato he explores his understanding of humor, the appeal of Darkness and evil, and unconventional parenting. Quite the eclectic mix from a fascinating performer!

Equally cutting-edge is Kenaz Filan on the wisdom of serpents in “Snake Magick: Beyond Good and Evil,” Good Witch/Bad Witch’s bracing no-nonsense advice on Pagan polyamory, and Sheela Adrian’s take on the ever-popular (but controversial) subject of “Ethical Love Magick.”

On a more practical note, Elizabeth Vongisith teaches beginning readers in “Laying Out the Future: 7 Steps to Successful Divination,” Deborah Lipp shares her appreciation of “Magical Perfume” (complete with several how-to recipes); Galina Krasskova explores the Element of Water; Deborah Castellano teaches us about the Pagan use of Zen meditation, Lisa McSherry explores the field of Pagan fiction; Wendy Hawsley shares “An Altar to Call My Own,” and C.S. MacCath creates a dreamlike story on the fraught question of abortion in “Ammonite Baby.”

A rich, full, 80-page issue originally published in July of 2006.

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