newWitch #14
Glamour Magick


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newWitch #14 - Glamour Magick.
Wendy Rule: Faery's Child from Down Under · Foxy Witch: All about Skyclad · Earth Power: 18 Magical Gems, Stones, and Minerals · Isaac Bonewits on Famous Pagan Founding Fathers · 5 Pagan-Friendly Progressive Rock Artists · Phil Brucato uncovers Viking Black Death metal music · A Closer Look at Astrology · The beauties of simple rituals · Glam Wicca: not a contraction in terms · Cast Your Glamour: the Magic of Fashion · Dress up your magical image with Color · Bring Harmony Home with Feng Shui · Egyptian-themed Pagan short fiction: “Nelly Weems, Come Home”. Plus Spotlight on Pagan Bands: Urn; Good Witch/Bad Witch on Pagans marrying fundamentalist Christians, the Rant, and much more.

80 pages, published in spring of 2007.

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Available in either classic-paper or digital editions.

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