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newWitch #15 - Magickal Living with Christopher Penczak

Many of modern Paganism’s detractors ask "what does the Craft have to do with the real world?" In this issue of newWitch, we answer proudly -- witchcraft has *everything* to do with real life.

"I believe it's my mission to help people live a more magickal life." Christopher Penzcak has written over a dozen books -- including "City Magick," "Inner Temple of Witchcraft," and "Ascension Magic." In this exclusive interview he discusses how to live as a witch in today's world, including tips on creating your own magickal travel kit.

Speaking of travel, have you ever wished you could turn your commute from a grind into an encounter with magic? Check out Bri Lance's article "Meditating on the Train: 3 Steps to Building Your Magical Practice."

On a battlefield is the last place you'd find a self-conscious Pagan, right? Not so, as a growing number of military Pagans come out of the Broom Closet. One of them, talented photographer Duncan Brennan, brings us into his experience with death, spirituality, and magic while serving during the Gulf War, in his photo essay (and interview) "Pagan at War." (Plus, in contrast, an accompanying piece on Pagan pacifism.)

Two thousand years ago, the rites of Dionysus took Hellenic women far outside their usual societal boundaries. Today, the enigmatic still calls us to lose our rational minds in worship. Discover this enigmatic god in "The Ecstacy of Dionysus."

Plus an illustrated article on how to make your own prayer wheel; Isaac Bonewits on spellwork for men; the delights of sensual pleasures, magical herbs; the magic of mantras, and a look at Hinduism from a Pagan perspective. 80 pages, originally published in summer of 2007.

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