newWitch #8
T. Thorn Coyle


newWitch #8 - T. Thorn Coyle
Interview with Feri Priestess, Author, and Activist T. Thorn Coyle ∑ Magical Mystery Writer M.R. Sellars ∑ Beginner's Guide to Pagan Reconstructionism ∑ Calling the Gods (Evocation 101) ∑ 10 Tips for Creating Great Rituals ∑ Magic of Anime ∑ Simple Spellwork with Collage ∑ Pagan Yuletide ∑ Santa Lucia ∑ Hedonistís Wheel of the Year ∑ Astrology of Venus ∑ Web of Urban Life ∑ Rock 'n Roll for Pagans ∑ Interview with Incus Leader Jason Cohen ∑ Magic of Dreamtime ∑ Heather Alexander.

80 illustrated pages, published in Winter 2005.

Mini flash-view of this issue.

Table of contents in PDF format.

Available in either classic-paper or digital editions.

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